William F. Lantry


  • Thirty years of experience in a diverse variety of Administrative and Professorial roles at ten Universities on two continents
  • Developed innovative student-centered strategies to transform a Department of English, a College of Arts and Sciences, and an entire research University
  • Creative strategic solutions have led to national and international replication of programs as well as recognition outside traditional venues of Academic Technology
  • Division’s work was recognized among the top ten in the nation by and Princeton Review


University of Houston PhD, Literature and Creative Writing 1993

  • Comprehensive examinations in Rhetoric, Medieval Literature, Poetry Genre, Modern British Literature
  • Dissertation:  A Rhetorical Garden: Songs Like Hummingbirds

Thesis Advisors: Dr. Edward Hirsch, Mr. James Robison, Dr. John McNamara

Boston University M.A., English 1990
University of Nice Maitrise d’Anglais 1986
University of Nice Licence d’Anglais 1986


International Association of Privacy Professionals 2005
Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP)


The Catholic University of AmericaWashington, D.C. 1997-2010
Director, Academic Technology Services
Center for Planning and Information Technology

Key Academic Technology Services Accomplishments


  • A program designed to educate both students and faculty in the use of electronic pedagogy.  Over 40 Graduate and Undergraduate students have worked with over 160 members of the CUA faculty and staff.  This project is listed in Promising Practices in Higher Education and was the subject of a presentation at EDUCAUSE in Fall, 2001.


  • Restructured Electronic Classroom support
  • Conference, lecture, and presentation digital videotaping
  • Web streaming of key University events
  • Design of technology environment
  • Digitization of University Archives (CUA Heritage project)
  • Design and project management of digital media installations in the new University Center


  • University Information Security Policy Coordinator
  • Alignment of CPIT projects with University strategic plan
  • Planning for Institutional Advancement system
  • Planning for Cardinal Students implementation (PeopleSoft Student Administration System)
  • Year 2000 Initiatives
  • Distance Learning Planning and Implementation
  • Computer Use Policy Redevelopment


  • Web server Migration from VMS to NT
  • Redevelopment and Redesign of Entire CUA Site
  • Web mail
  • Interactive CUA site map
  • Installation of New Search Engine
  • Community Directory
  • Deployment of Visitors Center Web site and visitor tracking system
  • Redevelopment of Course Evaluation process across the Web


  • Participation in successful $70 million Bond project
  • Integration of CUA computing environment
  • Endowed Scholarship Web Tracking Database
  • Extensive Participation in Middle States Accreditation Initiatives
  • Online Faculty Activities Report
  • University-wide online document center Knowledge Management environment
  • Web-based Alumni Career Network
  • Online timecard system for student employees
  • Planning and Implementation of Campus-wide Intranet and Portal
  • Web Content Management System design and development
  • Online computer help request tracking system
  • Online student government voting system
  • New Web-based file management system
  • University-wide online newsletters
  • Online Application for Admission
  • Planning and Implementation of WebCT and Blackboard
  • Electronic Classroom Requests and Inventory System
  • Webbed Training Courses
  • Web Tracking and Training Application
  • KPMG Customer Service Survey
  • Implementation of the Student Web Development Project
  • Online course schedule (department-based, integrated with PeopleSoft)


  • Founding member, President’s Policy Steering Committee
  • ADA Committee Participation
  • Model Gramm-Leach-Bliley Compliance Policy
  • Information Security Plan Development and Implementation
  • Intellectual Property Policy draft
  • Technology Transfer Planning
  • Redevelopment of Student, Faculty and Staff Acceptable Use Policies
  • Directed several technology investigations in conjunction with MPD and FBI
  • Development of guidelines for FERPA compliance (in conjunction with General Counsel)
  • Participation in Campus Legal Information Clearinghouse
  • Online Policies Database Environment
  • Online Course Catalog


  • Planning and Implementation of WebCT and Blackboard
  • Testing and Implementation of Linux Project; Support for Linux
  • Development of Virtual Department of Math History (Hitachi Grant)
  • Technological Infrastructure planning and development
  • Implementation of Listserv Environment
  • Participated in H.323 Video Conferencing Project
  • Official applications contact for Internet2
  • Duns Scotus text project
  • eXnode and Internet Backplane Protocol node


  • Deployment of Assistive Learning Technologies
  • Design and Implementation of Technology-Equipped Classrooms
  • Knowledge Bank and Users Guide
  • Electronic Student Orientation
  • Software and Hardware Inventories via the Web
  • Development Programs for all Academic Services Staff
  • Tech Fee Budgeting and Expenditures
  • Supervised Budget for all Part-time and Full-time Academic Services Employees
  • Development and Publishing of all CPIT Newsletters
  • Participated in Automatic Account Generation for all Students and Faculty
  • Designed and Implementation of Faculty Development Lab
  • Redevelopment and Implementation of Faculty and Staff Training Approaches


The Catholic University of America                                                                                          1997-2010

Washington, D.C.

Courses taught:

  • School of Library and Information Sciences:  Multimedia Development
  • Metropolitan College:  Advanced Computing
  • School of Arts and Sciences Department of History: Directed Reading 20th Century American History

Slippery Rock University                                                                                                            1995-1997

Department of English

Slippery Rock, PA

  • Assistant Professor, Department of English
  • Courses taught: College Writing I , II: Introduction to Fiction; Writing for Electronic Media
  • Chair, Educational Technologies Committee
  • Webmaster, College of Arts and Sciences

Fisk University 1994-1995

Nashville, TN

  • Assistant Professor
  • Courses taught: Interdisciplinary Writing; Rhetorical Analysis; Written Communications 11 and 12

Tennessee State University 1993-1994

Nashville, TN

  • Assistant Professor
  • Courses taught: Freshman Composition; Rhetorical Analysis; Literary Genres

Fisk University 1992-1993

Nashville, TN

  • Instructor of English
  • Courses Taught: Creative Writing; Written Communications 11 and 12; Written Communications Lab, The World and its Peoples I, II

University of South Alabama 1991-1992

Mobile, AL

  • Instructor of English
  • Courses taught: Rhetoric and Composition; Rhetorical Analysis

University of Houston 1987-1990

Houston, TX

  • Teaching Assistant
  • Courses taught: Literature of the Western World; Rhetorical Analysis; Introduction to Composition

University of Nice                                                                                                                        1985-1988

Nice, France

  • Assistant Director, International Center for French Studies

University of Nice                                                                                                                        1981-1984

Nice, France

  • Lecturer
  • Courses taught: Twentieth Century American Novel; British Novel; Modern American Poetry; Contemporary American Poetry; Composition


  • “The 411 of Social Networking Sites”

EDUCAUSE (Baltimore, January 2008)

  • “Video-Based Training”

EDUCAUSE (Atlanta, June 2007)

  • “Building A Culture of Security”

EDUCAUSE/Internet2 Computer and Network Security Task Force (Washington, DC, April 2005)

  • “Streaming the University: Transformation, Digital Media, and the Archives”

EDUCAUSE (Atlanta, June 2004)

  • “Making the Panopticon Opaque:  Privacy, Policy, and Authentication”

EDUCAUSE (Baltimore, January 2004)

  • “Streaming a University: Digital Media and the Archives”

EDUCAUSE (Baltimore, January 2004)

  • “Libations, Thalia, and Video:  Networked Collaboration in Opera Production”

Internet2 National Conference (Arlington, VA, April 2003)

  • “CMS Users”

EDUCAUSE (Baltimore, January 2003)

  • “The Paperless Office: If This is a Digital Workplace, Why Can’t I Find the Top of My Desk?”

National Association of College and University Attorneys (Boston, June 2002)

  • “A Faculty Support Model: Affordable, Sustainable, Evolutionary and Revolutionary”

EDUCAUSE (Baltimore, 2001)

  • “Bringing IT All Back Home: Centralizing Systems in a Decentralized Climate”

EDUCAUSE (Baltimore, 2001)


  • Online University Computer Help and Request System (2003)
  • Content Management System (2002)
  • Document Center Knowledge Management System (2002)
  • Web-Based Faculty Activities Report (November 2001)


2002-2007:  Chair, E-Learning Advisory Council, Consortium of Universities of the Washington Metropolitan Area

2003:  EDUCAUSE National Conference Proposal Review Reader

2002:  EDUCAUSE Regional Program Board (Emerging Technologies)

2000 – Present:  Internet2 Middleware Applications Contact

Curriculum Vita