To paraphrase what Nabokov said, of Lolita: ‘Kate is famous, not I. I am an obscure, a doubly obscure poet with an unpronounceable name…’

All Hail Kate!

 Nic Sebastion, of Very Like a Whale fame, heard her story and interviewed her!

You can find the whole story here: http://verylikeawhale.wordpress.com/


But there is, of course, another side to her. Like when she’s helping me lay Talavera tile.

She’s the only reason they ended up straight. See all those numbers, and the grid? Her idea!

Just like in the poems. Without her, my lines would be a confusing mess. She figures out how things go together, and makes sure all’s arranged in one clear view!

Naturally, James helped too:

And here’s Kate singing wedding music: