Creative Non-Fiction, Interviews & Other Work Online

Interviewing the Poetry Contest Winner: The Lantry Team,” Potomac Review (2 Sept 2013)

“Foreword: Observing Beauty Even in the Smallest Things,” The Reciting Pens, by Kiriti Sengupta (Inner Child Press 2013) V-X, print. Interviews and poetry of Bengali poets Joya Mitra, Ranadeb Dasgupta, and Suddhasatya Ghosh

One Poet’s April: Writing The Language of Birds,” Potomac Review, 28 March 2013

“Introduction,” International Poetry Prize 2012 Anthology (Little Red Tree Publishing, 2013): xv-xx.

Ars Poetica: To Have and Have Not,Now Culture: Poetry at the Movies 7 (Oct 2012)

Epistolary Poems, or Ars Dictaminus,” Poemeleon: A Journal of Poetry: Epistolary Issue 6.1 (Fall 2012)

Jewels, Blood and Beeswax,” Stymie Magazine “Why I Write” Feature (27 Aug 2012)

An Office in Paradise,” Work Literary Magazine 3.45 (9 Aug 2012)

Book Review: “The Accidental Present by Lisa VihosBig Bridge 16 4.4 (Spring 2012)

“Rose and Crown,” Raintown Review 10.2 (Feb 2012): 83-92.

Art as architecture, poem as dwelling place: Arthur Leung’s ‘Earthen Houses’,” Guest Tea Taster, Asian Cha: A Cup of Fine Tea (China) (2 Oct 2011), Highly Recommended in the Cha Fine Tea Competition

Singing the Visionary Sight: An Interview with poet W.F. Lantry,“and “Artist Statement THIS Literary Magazine 12 (Sept/Oct 2011)

Chincoteague,” Sea Stories: Estival Issue (June 2011)

W.F. Lantry Interview with Meg Tuite,” Connotations Press: An Online Artifact (July 2011)

“Writing is a Team Effort, Part I, (From the Duo That Won the 2012 Potomac Review Poetry Contest)” Potomac Review, 22 May 2012

Stanley Elkin: Fiction as a Form of Mathematics” Guest Post: Remembering Stanley Elkin, Big Other Online Forum (2 May 2011)

Monday Chat with Bill Lantry,” Interview by Susan Tepper, Fictionaut Blog – A Literary Community for Adventurous Readers & Writers (21 Mar 2011)

“L’Hirondelle,” Via Negativa Woodrat Podcast 34 Platonic love (14 Feb 2011), Ed. Dave Bonta

Best of 2010,” carte blanche 12 (Jan 2011)

Visiting Stevens,” Big Other Online Forum: Wallace Stevens Week (19 Nov 2010), Ed. Greg Gerke

A Way of Happening: Ned Balbo’s Something Must Happen,JMWW 25 (Fall 2010)

Ars Poetica,” Now Culture: Correspondences 6 (Sept 2010)