Fiction in Journals

“One Percent,” Gargoyle 61 (2014) 

Letter to Susan,” “Lost on the Midsummer Road,” “Blue,” Emerald Bolts: A Magazine for Flash Fiction (Dec 2013)

Remembrances” Blue Fifth Review: Blue Five Notebook (Sept 2012)

Somnambulist,” Flash Frontier: An Adventure in Short Fiction: High Tide (April 2013)

Circles,” riverbabble: Winter Solstice Issue 22 (Feb 2013)

“Coloratura” The Last Word: a collection of fiction, Spilling Ink Review Annual Anthology 3 (Unbound Press, Scotland 2012) print, Shortlisted in Unbound Press & Spilling Ink Flash Fiction Prize.

Sleeping Circles,” Right Hand Pointing 54 (Sept 2012)

Feral,” Hungry Hill Writing (Ireland) (June 2012) Shortlisted in Short Short Story Competition

Arboretum,” JMWW (Spring 2012)

“Ardor,” Blue Earth Review (Spring 2012) 3rd Place Flash Fiction Award.

Mandate of Heaven,” Scissors and Spackle (June 2012)

“The Petals of Roses,” Whispered Words Anthology (Canada) (2012): 57-61

Whirlwind,” Verdad Magazine 12 (Spring 2012)

Desire,” “Reason for Being,” Curly Red Stories (May 2012)

“Coventina” Lost in Thought 2 (March 2012) 66-69

“The Window of Mértola” River Poets Journal Special Edition: The Hopeless Romantic (Winter 2012): 22-23

“Requiem,Valparaiso Fiction Review 1.1 (Fall 2011)

“Origins,” Spilling Ink Review Annual Anthology: Story.Book (Unbound Press, Scotland 2011): 76-80

Promenade,” StepAway Magazine (UK) 3 (Sept/Oct 2011)

Mermaid,” “Transference,” “Visitation,” Connotations Press: An Online Artifact (July 2011)

Dawn Redwood,” Wilderness House Literary Review 22, 6.2 (Summer 2011)

Changeling,” Journal of Microliterature (June 2011)

Saaki,” Spilling Ink Review 5 (Summer 2011) Finalist 2011 Unbound Press Short Story Award

Lark Mirror,” Istanbul Literary Review 20 (May 2011)

Bower Bird,” Journal of Microliterature (Apr 2011)

Scene Change,” Blipmagazine: The New Mississippi Review (Spring 2011)

Carré SettingTHIS Literary Magazine 9 (Mar/Apr 2011)

Harmony in Blue and Gold,” Spilling Ink Review 4 (Spring 2011)

Desire,” The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature (Mar 2011)

Lacrymosa,” Blipmagazine: The New Mississippi Review (Winter 2011)